Battery Farming

Battery Farming Battery farming is a controversial way of growing meat for human consumption. It is based on factory methods, relies on cheap fossil fuels and takes little or no head of the welfare of the animals involved.

The classic example that is usually given is that of battery farmed chickens for the production of eggs. In 2010 50% of all eggs produced in the U. K. were from battery farmed chickens. In 2012 European legislation was introduced to ban farmers from keeping chickens in cages smaller than a piece of A4 paper. They can now keep them in cages the size of an A4 piece of paper.

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There are however plenty of examples of battery style farming for every kind of meat grown. Although there are variations in the conditions, generally you can assume that if it not ladled as free-range it isn't and will have gone through some form of factory farming process.

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This video will introduce you to some of the worst aspects of battery farming in Britain.
You may find it upsetting.

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There are of course several ways that you can respond to this. You can ignore it. The vast majority of people in the UK eat meat and the vast majority of them eat battery farmed meat and like their meat cheap.

You can give up meat altogether. Up to 12% of the UK's population are vegetarian and 0.5% are vegan.

Vegetarian Society

Vegan Society

You can reduce your meat consumption, limit yourself only to free-range meat and eat it only on special occasions.

It is ultimately the fact that people will buy meat produced in inhumane ways that allows factory farming to exist, so we have the power to stop it by not buying it.

There are also campaigns to make the inhuman production of meat illegal. You can support those campaigns.

Compassion in World Farming

You can also help to raise awareness. Tell your friends. Tell your social media contacts. You can write to your M. P. or local councillors. They do respond and will take up issues if there are enough people making a fuss about it.

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