The Black Country Museum

The Black Country Museum is one of the finest living history museums in the Country.

The Museum is basically a purpose built industrial village, designed to take you back to the ‘heyday’ when the Black Country got it’s name.

The Black Country refers to the area of the West Midlands, west of Birmingham and includes the Metropolitan Boroughs of Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton .

It got it’s name, that dates back to 1840s, because of the massive air pollution resulting from one of the first heavy industrial regions in the world. In those days the source of energy was coal. The industrialist concern for the environment was about the same as their concern for their work force, about nil. Consequently the place was covered in soot. Everywhere was literally black.

The museum covers the period of 1870 – 1950 and has a high street, a smithy’s forge, a canal, a tram, a mine, workers cottages, animals, a fair ground and possibly one of the finest fish and chip shops you are ever likely to come across, that sells fish ... and ... erm ... chips.

You are able to wander around and explore, and to help the experience there are several actors playing the part of people living in the village.

It is a great way to really get in touch with what it was like to live way back when kids could while away the hours with nothing more sophisticated than a stick and hoop, ‘central heating’ meant putting a paraffin burner in the middle of the room and chips were cooked in beef dripping. (A warning to vegetarians and vegans)

The museum has made several appearances on T. V. and film. Recently you might have spotted it on Peaky Blinders and in the recent film Stan and Ollie, which includes a scene in the chippy.

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Black Country Museum

Black Country Museum Podcast

Get a flavour of the Black Country Museum from this short audio of the Brickyard Crew's visit last year.



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