Black History Month
Nottinghamshire 2018 What is Black History Month?
Black History month is a celebration of Black history in USA, Canada and the UK. It began in the 1920's in the USA, where it is celebrated in February, initially as a Week.

It became a month long in the early 1970's and has now become an established part of the social calendar.

It was first celebrated in the UK in 1987 in London before spreading over the whole country. It is celebrated in the UK in October.

The aim is to celebrate the place of black people in our history.


Why is it important?
Black History Month is designed to counter the bias in our society towards white people and specifically towards the way that history is told from a white of view. It is also intended to challenge the assumption that black people have not made a significant contribution to society.

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What's going on in Nottinghamshire

There are lots of things going off in Nottz to celebrate Black History Month. There will be cultural events, discussions, films, documentaries, lectures, workshop and a whole lot of fun.

There are too many things going on for us to give a full round up here. But we have put together a series of web links that will help you find out what is going on.

Hidden Black History talk

Windrush Heros

New Arts Exchange

Nottingham University

Dance @ The Maze

Conversations & Canapés @ Caribé

Nottingham Trent Uni

Broadway Cinema

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