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The Brickyard Film Crew is a fairly unique project based in Nottingham. (OK so you can’t have something that is ‘fairly’ unique. It’s either unique or it isn’t. The project is probably not unique on a global or even national scale. But it is probably unique on a Nottz scale and certainly is on a Brickyard Scale.)

It has been running now for about 10 years, thanks to the support it gets from Children in Need and other funders and it is still going strong.

The Brickyard Film Crew is all about getting young people involved in positive activity through the production of short films and video reports all of which find their way onto the Oh My Nottz online magazine ... eventually.

The sessions are extremely varied including ‘make a film in 2 days’, trips to all sorts of fun places and helping to organise Hothouse Theatre’s Nottz Film Festival.

The group have finally decided to jump on the podcast band wagon and produce regular podcasts, which will appear on this page.

If you are interested in getting involved with the project get in touch

Paris Marathon 2019

 Guy will be running the Paris Marathon 2019 to raise funds for Hothouse Theatre.

All 26.2 miles of it! Paris. 14th April 2019. A day that will live in infamy.

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The Brickyard Crew’s Podcasts

02 – Review of 2018

 A review of 2018 in the Brickyard Film Crew and looking forward towards 2019.

This recording was done in the Nottingham Knight while waiting for the food to arrive, so there is a fair amount of background noise.

Links to some of the projects mentioned in this podcast:

Hatopia vs Wigtopia

Sherwood Pines

01 – October Half term 2018

 A review of the activities that the Brickyard Film Crew got up to over autumn half term 2018.

This podcast was recorded in an Arnold Self Drive hired van at Dale Abbey, just as the weather was starting to look a little bit too autumnal for comfort.

The projects referred to are mostly in that dark hole that filmmakers call ‘the editing phase’, and will turn up on this website ... when they turn up on this website.

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