Chinese New Year
Nottingham 2020

Probably the best thing about having a multicultural approach to life is that there is always another celebration just around the corner.

Even in January, when the post Christmas downner is weighing heavily and you don’t know where your next uplift is going to come from, there is the opportunity to let your hair down and do a bit of partying in the Old Market Square.

Yes it was time for trying out amazing food, drinking bubble tea and watching the Dragon Dance.

Check out the Brickyard Crews report fresh from the Temple Fair in Nottingham announcing the start of the year of the Rat!

Chinese New Year

Nottingham 2020


Couch to Madrid Marathon in 100 days!

 Guy is taking on the his biggest running challenge yet to raise funds for Hothouse Theatre projects.

Having spent months building a physique that Jabba the Hutt would have been proud of (Star Wars reference in case you didn’t know), during an extend winter solstice celebration, Guy finally crawled off his potato couch and got into training ... with only 100 days to go ... for the Madrid Marathon!!

It's going to be hilly! It's going to be hot!! It’s going to hurt!!!

And that is just the training!

Don’t let all that pain be in vain ...

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