Conkers Report

 Last summer, the Brickyard crew packed themselves off to Conkers theme park, to have a look round and compile a short report for OMN.

Conkers is in Leicestershire, not far from Ashby – de la Zouch. The 120 acres (49 ha) were originally opened as the National Forest Millennium Discovery Centre, now called 'Conkers' and is on the site of Rawdon Colliery.

That piece of history gives you a clue as to the theme of this particular theme park.

Unlike most theme parks today, Conkers doesn’t rely on loads of big rides designed to challenge those with a moderate aversion to unnecessary risk, who have vertigo or who are just trying to keep their lunch down.

Some of you might feel that that sentence alone defeats the object of a theme park. ‘A theme park without white knuckle rides?’ I hear you splutter out in disbelief.

Well, Conkers may not have as it’s main aim to make it look like you have just cheated almost certain death, every time you crawl off a ride, sick bag in hand. But what it lacks in trouser soiling experiences, it makes up for in other ways.

You may very well raise a disapproving eyebrow at the thought of the barefoot trail, but that is probably because you can’t imaging having fun without wearing your over priced, badly made and poorly fitting designer trainers.

Adventure trail? That's just one of those assault course thingys that the army use in their adverts to stop normal people from not applying ... ain’t it?

As for musical instruments in the woods? Surely that’s the sort of thing that clever people do on their days off.

Well, maybe. So do you think you are clever enough to have fun at Conkers?

Check out the video.

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Conkers Report

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