Formula One
Virtual Trip - part of the Accelerated Literacy Project

The Formula One season starts on Sunday 21st March with the Bahrain Grand Prix and will go all the way to 12th Dec and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

By which time countless gallons of fuel and tons of tons rubber will have been burnt in testing, qualifying and racing at 23 different Grand Prix around the world and judging by recent history, Lewis Hamilton will be crowned as World Champion once again.

To get you in the mood we have put together a virtual trip to the world of F1.

Find about how it all started, what the rules are and find out who was probably the best ever driver.

Follow the links below and see if you can answer the question as you go.

The History Of Formula 1 | Race 1000

Check out this brief over view of the history of F1.

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Shuttleworth Race day 2019

Ever wondered what racing cars looked like before F1?

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Grand Prix 1934

It was racing, but not as we know it.

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Quiz Round 1

Who won the 1934 Indianapolis Grand Prix.

Which country first put the engines in the back of racing cars?

Where in the UK can you see pre-war racing cars still racing once a year?

How long was the French Grand Prix in 1934?

What did the drivers wear on their heads before the war?

13th May 1950: First Formula One World Championship Grand Prix race at Silverstone

And so it all begins.

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Formula 1 For New Fans

The History Of F1 & Everything A New Fan Needs To Know EXPLAINED

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Sir Stirling Moss Remembered

The best ever F1 driver never to have won the Championship.

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This lap record will never be broken Jim Clark

Jim Clark, possibly the best ever F1 driver.

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Germany - Jim Clark Crash Aka Jim Clark Killed On Hockenheim Circuit (1968)

The history of F1 is littered with tragedy.

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Niki Lauda - His Remarkable Career Story

The biggest hero of the sport.

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Quiz Round 2

How many times did Sterling Moss win the F1 Championship?

How many times did Jim Clark win the F1 Championship?

What nationality was Niki Lauda?

In what race did Niki Lauda nearly die in a crash?

At what race track does Jim Clark still hold the lap record for?

F1 Drivers Explain F1

Speaks for itself

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F1: Top 10 WTF moments EVER!! 2019

Prepare for some action!

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Top 10 Weirdest Race Retirements in F1

Strange things happen!

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Top 10 Dramatic Final Laps In F1 - Part 1 and 2

There is nothing like a close finish!

Part 1 click here

Part 2 click here

Top 10 Moments of Lewis Hamilton Brilliance

The most successful driver ever!

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Quiz Round 3

How many days is a F1 race meeting?

How many points do you get for winning a F1 race?

How many points do you get for finishing 10th?

Which Grand Prix did Lewis Hamilton first win?

Who does Lewis Hamilton Drive for?

Quiz answers will be posted here before the start of the F1 season.
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