Fracking Moratorium

In amongst all the general news and nonsense that we get bombarded with day after day, occasionally there is something that stands out from the background noise as actually being important.

On the 1st of November the Government called a moratorium (or temporary delay) on fracking in England.

Scotland and Wales already have a moratorium.

Although the Government has been slow to fall into line the majority, it is pleasing to see it. Better late than never.

BBC report

What is Fracking?

Put simply, it is a method of extracting gas from fossil shale, by drilling into it and then forcing water and chemicals into the rock, cracking it open and releasing the gas so we can cook our egg fried rice, heat our homes and generally get on with living our tear away, energy rich, consumer focused, sod the environment, Western life of Reilly, as though there is no tomorrow and 1.5 planet Earths to ensure we can keep doing it.

A bit of a rant their ... sorry ... but then again ... no I’m not.

Katowice Climate Change Conference 2018

Why is Fracking Controversial?
How you view fracking depends on how you feel about a few things.


1. If you are of the opinion that we are still going to need fossil fuels despite all we know about climate change, then you may lean toward fracking as a good idea (nobody seriously believes that climate change isn’t happening anymore and if they say they do, they are trying to sell you something political that you probably don’t want. There is still an argument to be had about how quickly we can switch away from a carbon based economy).

2. If you have been listening to the facts and arguments around climate change then you know that the best thing we can do with new sources of fossil fuels that we find, is to leave them in the ground.

United Nations Climate Action Summit 2019

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The Local Environment
Although the companies doing the fracking will dispute it, there is great deal of evidence, anecdotes and stomach wrenching videos on youtube and the like, that suggest that pumping chemical ladened water into the environment is going to affect the water table and anyone or anything that drinks the water.

Setting alight to your water

Exploding River


Earthquakes have always been a thing of fascination to many of us. Their unpredictability, potential to cause disaster and basis for a good film have always put them in the top 10 of natural disasters. A way of nature telling us who is really boss.

Well now through fracking, humans can make their own Earthquakes. Another example of technology advancing down roads that were probably better left untrod (or should that be untreaded).

According to the British Geological Survey, "it is well known that hydrocarbon exploration and production [fracking] can result in man-made or ‘induced’ earthquakes”.

OK, they are not very large earthquakes, certainly not large enough to give rise to a Hollywood blockbuster, but they are earthquakes and they have been big enough for fracking workers to down tools on several occasions.

Fracking and earthquakes


So, it is my opinion that fracking is not clever. A bit like using your doorstep as a toilet, to paraphrase an old and rather crude saying.

I lean towards the ‘why the hell do we want to do fracking in the first place’ persuasion and that the moratorium on fracking is an excellent idea.

If you are also of that persuasion, you might wish to join me in sending a quick word of thanks to all those anti fracking campaigners who chained themselves to this and that and just wouldn’t let it lie.

However, you may also, like me, feel a little more comfortable if it was a complete ban.

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