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Off the Page
Series 2 Episode 2

UoN Creative Writing Group

Welcome to series 2 of Off the Page: the podcast showcasing the work of the Creative Writing Society at the University of Nottingham.

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Retro Afro Muff
written & performed by Kezzabelle Ambler

Poems performed on Loughborough GCR platform & in carriages at a Steam Punk/Steam Train Event 28th Sept 2019

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The Memory Palace
BBC - 500 Words’ Bedtime Stories

 Dick & Dom receive an invite to the memory palace to share this weeks stories.

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Native American Writing
BBC - The Verb

Acclaimed poet Layli Long Soldier joins Ian McMillan to explore her poetry.

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Flash Fiction Results
Fosseway Writers

We had some wonderful entries for our recent Flash Fiction competition on the topic of ‘Nest’ and it was quite a challenge for Barbara and I to agree on the winners.

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Travel Writing Competition Winners
Fosseway Writers

Thanks to the judges from the Centre for Travel Writing Studies and to all of the entrants who submitted a worthy collection of wonderfully evocative and well-written pieces (see previous post for more details). Now, sit back and let these three winning entries take you far away.

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T. S. Eliot Prize
BBC - The Verb

Ian McMillan shares highlights of the T.S. Eliot Prize readings at the Royal Festival Hall

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In The Moment

Aspen leaves
shimmer in a light breeze

An outcrop
weathered and stained
by time and sun
with a backdrop
of a vulture soaring sky

Triangles of light
on the surface of the drifting river
dance and sing across the waves
driven by a warm
calming wind
as a paddle board
slaloms through martins
dipping for damsel flies

Guy Jones

Couch to Madrid Marathon in 100 days!

 Guy is taking on the his biggest running challenge yet to raise funds for Hothouse Theatre projects.

Having spent months building a physique that Jabba the Hutt would have been proud of (Star Wars reference in case you didn’t know), during an extend winter solstice celebration, Guy finally crawled off his potato couch and got into training ... with only 100 days to go ... for the Madrid Marathon!!

It's going to be hilly! It's going to be hot!! It’s going to hurt!!!

And that is just the training!

Don’t let all that pain be in vain ...

Donate to HotHouse Theatre

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Off the Page
Series 2 Episode 1

UoN Creative Writing

Welcome to series 2 of Off the Page: the podcast showcasing the work of the Creative Writing Society.

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Ben Norris

Ben Norris performing at Uni Slam '17 on the 29th Jan.

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The World of Poetry Publishing
The Verb

A must for those who submit poetry and fiction to presses and magazines - the Verb takes a deep dive into the language of the poetry publishing world. It's a vibrant landscape, with publishers like Carcanet celebrating 50 years in business, and a whole host of smaller presses and magazine publishers thriving both online and in print.

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Common People
an anthology of working-class writers

Common People, edited by Kit de Waal is an anthology celebrating working class fiction, poetry and memoir…. from the woman at the bus stop, the hairdresser, the waiter…

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I Did React Lytisha Tunbridge

Poem commissioned for, and recorded during rehearsal of, Sticks and Stones, a play by Lucy Greaves, depicting the effects of Hate Crime on people with Learning Disabilities.

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Poetry reading at City Arts Stuart Whomsley

Three poems: The silent letters, Vegetable names, Old timetables

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