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Finding a Voice: Guest Post by Aisha Mohammed Audu
Nottingham City of Literature

We received an email off a student volunteer who lent us a hand at a recent event, and we thought it was a lovely read about the power of literature and volunteering. She's agreed to let us publish it in full:
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How to Write a List Poem
Notts poetry Festival

Look at this great ‘how to list poem’ video from Josie Alford & Callum Wensley! Why not give it a go & debut your work at NPF 2020 from the 8th - 17th of May?
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Nottingham Playcast August 19
Nottingham Playhouse

In this episode we discuss what’s coming up in the Neville Studio later this year. Craig Gilbert tells us about Amplify, the Amplify Festival – “a big Smörgåsbord of work from across the region”
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The Lenton Railway Triangle
Nottingham and Beyond
I’ve been fascinated for many years by the area of land enclosed by a triangle of railway tracks to the south of Castle Marina in Lenton. The formal designations of the junctions at the three points of the railway triangle are Lenton North Junction, Lenton South Junction and, at the eastern point, Mansfield Junction.

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Why Publishers prefer Burglars to Poets!
Mark Gwynne Jones
Why publishers prefer burglars to poets! Poet, Mark Gwynne Jones performs Nine Types of Poet. Opening with 'Me'. Recorded live by Julia Novak at Contact Theatre, Manchester.

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For the love of A boards
It's In Nottingham
Who doesn't love a good A board? from quirky ways of getting you into shops and restaurants, to simply brightening up your day as you walk to work or pop to get a coffee.

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We Need To Talk About Erik

 A short story, based, rather loosely it has to be said on some actual things that actually happened one rainy Bank Holiday weekend in Whitby.

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The Importance of Poetry
Sarah Courthope
City of Literature

Sarah Courthope, daughter of Stanley Middleton, explains how her father shaped how she saw poetry.

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Lytisha Tunbridge
DIY Poets

Recorded by Alice Faricy at Terminii Metro, Rome Edited by kthtrnr

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Little Brown Sparrow
Little Brown Sparrow - Three Poems by Dave Bishop
DIY Poets

Three poems about our feathered friends, from Nottingham poet and satirist Dave Bishop, aka Lord Biro / Bus-Pass Elvis.

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Firelight Issue Three
UoN Creative Writing Society

If you haven't had the chance to pick up your copy of Firelight yet, they're now available in Nottingham bookshops and cafes! (listed in the blog post) Alternatively, if the thought of physically moving is too much to bear, you can just read it via the link below:

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For the Love of George

 An adaptation of the monologue that was a critical success at the Edinburgh Festival 2000. It follows the experience of a woman trapped in violent marriage and her relationship with George and biology.

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The spring/summer edition of WIRE has arrived


Features include BBC Radio 1 host Cel Spellman, visual effects lead modeller Chris Cook, graduate musician THePETEBOX, Beth Rowley, Nottingham Splendour Festival & more!

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DIY Poets blog

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Bookwormr is for people who love books. Review and rate the books you're reading, have read and plan to read. See what everyone else is reading and get ideas for your next book.

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The Nottingham Review
The Nottingham Review - a digital literary journal. ...

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Left Lion Magazine

All things going on in and around Nottingham.

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