Not just for Christmas
Homelessness in Nottingham

It is something we all dread but only give it a second thought around Christmas. Most of us will never experience it. Though it is said that most families in the UK are only a pay check or two away from it

It is after all something that happens to 'other people'.

Like it or not, homelessness is on the rise.

Guardian Report

You can blame it on the economy, which apparently is like the weather. It comes and it goes and there is nothing we can do about it.

You can blame it on the government or the local council. Both of which will trawl out a load of figures showing record funding to support/prevent homelessness. Yet still it grows.

You may even blame it on the homeless themselves. You wouldn't be the first to blame the victim and you won't be the last.

What causes homelessness

Whoever you blame it on, you only have to look around you as you go about your business to see that there are more people sleeping rough than at anytime since 1998. The number of people sleeping rough in Nottingham has increased 150% in recent years.

We have all done the walk of shame as we pass another body strewn in a door way, wrapped against the cold, in shabby bedding, either asleep, out of his/her head or worse. But then what should you do? What can you do? So we walk on by.

Despite what some would have you believe, no one chooses to become homeless. For every person on the streets there is a story to tell. A story that will break your heart, if only you knew what it was. Some have mental health issues. Some have just hit hard times. Wife/husband left them. Lost their job. Some are drug addicts. Some are just confused and lost. If you want to judge them you can. But then may heaven help when it happens to you.

Homelessness in Nottingham

So what can you do?

You can look at the bigger picture.

There are agencies and charities out there trying to help. You can support the homeless by supporting those agencies.

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Not Just for Christmas

A short poem.

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You can fund raise for them. Become a volunteer and offer your time. Or just make sure you know their details and pass them on whenever you meet someone lying in a shop door way.

Hundreds for Homeless

Paris Marathon 2019

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All 26.2 miles of it! Paris. 14th April 2019. A day that will live in infamy.

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You can do your bit to change attitudes. Lobby the council. Lobby your MP. Write letters to the local rag. Share videos and links with your social media friends. All of this helps. Anything you do to keep the conversation going will help to keep the issue visible. You can even send us your experiences and we will publish them.

Muslim Gives Pizza to Homeless for Christmas

Or you can do something on a very personal level.

The one thing you can say is that homeless people are all human beings and as such have the same basic needs as you do. They need access to money. Even a night in a hostel costs money. One hostel in Nottingham charges £19 per night. That is higher than my mortgage!

Helping homeless people's pets

They all need food and drink. Living on the streets is hard work and is a high calorie occupation. When did you last see an over weight beggar?

Guru Nanak's Mission

If you have spare cash no one will object to a small donation. There is a dignity in being able to go into a shop with money in your pocket that you don't fully understand until you haven't got any.

But if you are feeling really brave you can go back to basics. We are at heart a social species. Human contact is as essential for health as a balanced diet.

Homelessness and Mental Health

If you have nothing to give, you can still say hello and pass the time of day. Ask how they are, what they need. But above all ask them their name. A name does more to make us human than anything else. You'd surprised just how good it will make you feel. It will certainly make them feel better about themselves.

It will also break the ice with others. You standing there will prick the consciences of passers by and before you know it they will be over too offering money or food. Try it see if it doesn't work. Be the catalyst! Change the world! Just a little.

Homeless Muslim Experiment

Homelessness is a problem for us all. The economy may seem to behave like a series of anticyclones blowing in from the Atlantic and to be essentially out of our control. But the way it affects us certainly is not. We are all responsible for the society that we live in and one that accepts homelessness as a natural and unavoidable by product of the prevailing economic conditions is one that has got it wrong.

Ultimately it is up to us all to put that right.


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