Nottingham Industrial Museum

It would be hard to say just exactly what Nottingham’s best kept secret is. That would sort of depend on who you are talking to and what they are into.

If they are from elsewhere, then they are probably only looking a certain Mr Hood.

Since he never existed and was from Yorkshire anyway, then they will have a hard time finding him, even if they go to the castle, which is shut anyway.

However, if they are looking for the real Nottingham, then, perhaps, the biggest secret that Nottingham has to offer is the Industrial Museum in Wollaton Park.

Not just a boring old collection of bits and bobs salvaged from Nottingham’s industrial past. It is a celebration of all aspects of the city's working history.

Nottingham Industrial Museum is open Sat, Sun and Bank Holidays 11 - 4 p.m.


Steam Hall

 You can’t go to the Industrial Museum without spending some time with the Basford Beam Engine. And if you make it on Steam Sunday, you are in for a treat.

Built in 1858 to pump water nearly 40 metres up through the sandstone of Basford. It has been in the industrial museum, showing itself off for over 40 years.

If you don’t fall in love with this beast of steam, then I guess you’ve got no soul.

And the Basford Beam Engine is just the beginning of the steam experience!

Listen out for the amazing rhythms in the Steam Hall when everything is on full throttle!!!

Steam Hall

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Local Industries Gallery

 Find out what a turret clock is and how it works.

Have a go at sending your name in morse code ... and of course send an S. O. S. into the bargin.

Then see if you can work out how to work a C19th printer ... not as simple as an inkjet!

Local Industries Gallery

Nottingham Industrial Museum

The Gin Yard

 No it’s not about gin ... the drink ... it is named after the Gin Wheel that was powered by horses and brought coal to the surface of the mine.

Yes, Nottingham was not just built on lace. It was also built on coal. In fact coal paid for the building of Wollaton Hall way back in the 1540’s

In the Gin yard you will find the story of Nottingham’s dirty coal based past.

Gin Yard

Textiles Gallery

 Nottingham’s reputation, apart from it’s reputation for mythical heros and villains, was built ultimately on lace.

Doesn’t sound too exciting, until you realise that it was the mechanisation of lace making that led to the development of the early ‘computers’. Not like the computers of the day, but machines that could be ‘programmed’ to make complicated delicate lace patterns.

It was through these machines that Nottingham became the world’s capital of lace in the C19th.

You can still see the these machines in action and the lace that they could make.

Textiles Gallery

Transport Gallery

 From the Humber Motor car to the Raleigh bicycle, Nottingham was at the heart of the transport revolution.

If you like bikes and cars and things, this is a place to get yourself lost for a day and dream about having the wind in your hair on the back of a Brough Superior silver machine, the Rolls-Royce of motorcycles.

Transport Gallery

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