The Meadows Tree Project unveils ...
The New Story Poles along Nottingham's New Tram Route

The Story began several years ago when the route for the new tram to Beeston took the planners down Queens Walk in the Meadows. It was going to mean chopping down several of the old lime trees lining Queen’s Walk.

This, not surprisingly, led to a campaign to save them. Now it is easy in this day and age to get cynical, throw up your arms and say “What is the point! The powers that be are going to do just whatever they want!” and have nothing to do with such campaigns.

Well thanks to several very determined local people, the powers that be didn’t have their own way. About 40 of the trees that were ear marked for felling were saved. And those that were felled, either because they were rotten or because they really had to be lost to allow the tram to be built, have been retained and their timber is being used by the Meadows Tree Project for carving workshops.

The most exciting part of the project so far, has been the creation of 12 Story Poles which have been erected along the route of the tram through the Meadows. The poles were unveiled earlier this year.

Meadows Tree Project
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