Papplewick Pumping Station
1940s weekend

 If you don’t know about it, Papplewick Pumping station is one of Nottinghamshire hidden gems.

If you do know about it, then it is not so hidden, at least from you. But maybe you should get down there a little more often.

Papplewick has several things going for it.

It is pretty much unique. There are other Victorian beam engines around. There is even at least one other in Nottinghamshire. But there aren’t many in the world that still run on steam, generated by coal, that are housed in the exquisite example of Victorian ‘over the topness’ that is the pumping house.

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The other things that makes Papplewick a great place to visit, are the brilliant special days they create around their Steaming Days – the days they fire up the furnaces, get pressure up in the boilers to wake up the mighty beast that is pumping engine.

The Brickyard Crew went to Papplewick Pumping Station last autumn to see just what their 1940s weekend had to offer.

It was like slipping back in time. Even the sausage rolls seemed to belong to another age.

I’m not entirely sure that the time we slipped back to was actually the 1940s remember in most history books.

Firstly, to enter the site you had to go through a German Check point, argue in your finest German, that you weren’t a spy, escaped prisoner of war or Fifth Columnist ... or were they on the German side? ... before he would stamp your pass and let you in. Not sure that happened much in mid Notts.

What is German for Jobsworth?

Papplewick Pumping Station - 1940s weekend

Secondly, there was a skirmish between German parachutists and the Papplewick branch of Dad’s army, which the Germans won. If that had happened we would have heard about it.

Thirdly, Winston Church had a Brummy accent.

All in all it was a brilliant day. Full of fun and things to do and see. I was particularly keen on the small group (two) of Polish soldiers who were a little out of place in a 1940s event, since they went out of the war in September 1939.

Make sure you get down for Papplewick’s future events!

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