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Peanut Butter?

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 So here we are. Thunder Run 2017.

The smell of freshly crushed grass. The signature smell of an English summer event.

Crushed by eager feet. Crushed by cars, mini buses and caravans, travelling the unaccustomed short stretch across a well tendered, sun kissed field.

The reassuring sound of portaloo doors slamming shut behind relieved customers.

The officious grumblings of the event staff, less than eager to please but still trying to impress their temporary supervisor with an adherence to the randomness of the regulations.

Event tape flapping in the growing wind, that gusts disconcertingly and races the virgin campers for their displaced gazebos.

The whistling of kettles. The ‘is it still too early to open the wine box’ conversation.

The smell of eggs and bacon and bacon and eggs and bacon wafting across the campsite.

It has become a campsite. Almost unnoticed. Almost by magic.

And the endless Britishness of tea.

Is the Beer Bus not open yet?

No there is still time for the first round of that special treat you brought because it is Thunder Run. A special weekend. Like Christmas and holidays. Like Childhood and retirement.

Biscuits? No I didn’t go for Biscuits. Too sweet and I’d eat the lot with one cup of tea.

Flapjacks? No I didn’t go for flapjacks. Especially those coated in chocolate and needing, always, another couple to satisfy the desire.

Energy drinks? Mars bars? None of that rubbish.

All I wanted as my very special treat to make the child in me content, on a par with fish finger sandwiches and the coffee cream from the Christmas chocolate box …

A jar of peanut butter. Crunchy of course.

A treat to sooth the aching muscles after lap one.

To ease the despair after the trauma of lap two, run in the dark with the terror of poorly marked tree stumps and pot holes to contend with.

To drive away the hallucination of a final lap, run at the point of exhaustion in the rain, with everyone watching.

The answer to everyone’s problems. Well at least mine. All I want is a peanut butter sandwich.

The look of the face says it all.

At home, on the side, by the sink in the kitchen, there is an unopened jar of crunchy peanut butter, with my name on it.

And a few brownie points go unclaimed.

Looks like bread and jam then. Does anyone have a chocolate flapjack or two?

Thunder Run 2017

 Thunder Run is a 24 hour trail relay race consisting of 10k laps around Catton Park, on the Derbyshire/Staffordshire border.

Guy will be running this gruelling race to raise funds for Hothouse Theatre's 2017-18 theatre season.

Guy will be running in a team of 8. The aim is to do 3 laps each over the 24 hours of the race.

"Last year I got 1.5k into my second lap at 1:30 a.m. before 'finding' a pot hole, doing my ankle in, and hobbling the rest of the lap. Before settling down by the campfire and 'red wining' with the emphasis on 'whining' my way through the rest of the event.

This year I have a date with the 1:30 shift!" - Guy

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