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This year finally saw a real shift in public opinion around our wasteful and environmentally damaging use of plastic. After years of those who care banging on about it, only to see more and more products become packaged in plastic, thanks to David Attenborough highlighting the issue on Blue Planet II, everyone is now talking about getting rid of plastic.

Blue Planet II clip

Suddenly the pressure is on to do something about it. Something that actually has an effect.

Reasons plastic is bad

Guide to Marine Plastic Pollution submitted by Savannah

The comforting things is we can all actually do something about it.

Firstly we can use less plastic. This usually means don't buy things packaged in plastic in the first place. Not always easy, but if you shop around you will be able to find things.

Second we can reuse things. Plastic water bottles will last a long time. And if you refill them from the tap, you may never have to one again. Well, not for a while any way.

Thirdly you can make sure that all the plastic that you throw away is put in the recycling bin ... well there is a bit of problem there.

In principle all plastic can be recycled. In practise not all of it will be.

This partly depends on where you live. Not all local authorities recycle the same things. There are still some that don't recycle at all.

BBC Report

Finding out what you can recycle and what you can't in your area is important because if a skip full of plastic for recycling is contaminated with the wrong stuff, the whole skip will go to landfill and none of it will be recycled.

Find out what you can recycle in your area.

I'd like to say that Nottinghamshire is top of the recycling league ... I'd like to say it , but it's just not the case. Nottz is not the worse. But it leaves a lot to be desired.

Of the local councils Nottingham City comes out the best, largely due the existence of the Eastcroft Incinerator, which doesn't recycle waste, it simply burns it which results in other issues.

Nottingham Recycling

One of the reasons that local authorities struggle to set up recycling in their areas is because much of the packaging is very difficult to recycle. Much of it is made up of several different material. Avoid the villains

Recycling villains

Other part of the world are way ahead of us.

Top 10 recycling countries

Japanese Recycling

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