It is probable that there are people in the world who have never really seen what all the fuss is about when it come to bouncing. And assuming that they do exist, they are likely to be the least fun people you are likely to meet at a party.

It’s not that bouncing is actually natural. There was probably no point in human evolution when the ability, let alone enjoyment in, a good bounce was of any advantage in helping the fittest to survive against the curiosity of giant people eating birds, sabre toothed pussy cats and the wholly mega beasts that roamed the Trent Valley in days gone by.

But that has not stopped it being one of the most enjoyable things that a person can do.

Every since the Inuit first came up with the idea of the trampoline ... yes ... apparently it was the Inuit using whale skins, throwing dancers into the air as part of their Spring (pun intended) festival, that started all this bouncing off ... people have found great joy in bouncing up and down for no other reason than it’s a bit of a laugh.

The Brickyard Crew went down to Bulwell to try out Red Kangaroo to see if their bouncing facilities were up to scratch.

Couch to Madrid Marathon in 100 days!

 Guy is taking on the his biggest running challenge yet to raise funds for Hothouse Theatre projects.

Having spent months building a physique that Jabba the Hutt would have been proud of (Star Wars reference in case you didn’t know), during an extend winter solstice celebration, Guy finally crawled off his potato couch and got into training ... with only 100 days to go ... for the Madrid Marathon!!

It's going to be hilly! It's going to be hot!! It’s going to hurt!!!

And that is just the training!

Don’t let all that pain be in vain ...

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Red Kangaroo

Red Kangaroo

History of the Trampoline

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