Sugar, sugar!

showcase Whether it comes in sweet drinks or chocolate or biscuits or cake. We all love sugar! OK so we all know it's not the best of foods to eat, but it can’t cause that many problems, can it?

Sugar is Killing us

Scientist are now telling us that sugar is a lot worse for us than was previously thought. We all know that it's bad for our teeth. But now we know that it does a lot more harm than that. Here are 10 disturbing reasons why sugar is bad for you.

10 reason sugar is bad

But you don’t eat too much sugar do you? Do you? Take a look at this.

Sugar in soft drinks

We are all driven to eat more sugar than is actually good for us because sweet things are just nicer than other food and it is a choice isn’t it? Well isn't it?

Well there is a lot more to it than that. Sugar acts like a drug and we are all adicted. Click the link below.

How the brain works with sugar

So it’s time to start thinking about eating healthy.

How the body reacts to healthy and unhealthy food.

Healthy eating can be fun. You just have to get used to making the right choices. And it’s not as though you don’t know what the right choices are. Do you?

Some healthy choices

A few recipes

A bit of fun

... and a very old song on the theme.

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