Things to do in the Schools Holidays
in and around Nottinghamshire

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Paris Marathon 2019

 Guy will be running the Paris Marathon 2019 to raise funds for Hothouse Theatre.

All 26.2 miles of it! Paris. 14th April 2019. A day that will live in infamy.

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Stonebridge City Farm
Stonebridge City Farm is a small slice of the countryside in the heart of the City of Nottingham!

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Lincoln Castle
Lincoln is one of the better preserved castles in the country and it is still possible to walk round the walls, without running the risk of falling off where a Victorian shopping development has removed half of it or a section has been taken away to finish off an Edwardian extension to a local pub.

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Unlike most theme parks today, Conkers doesn’t rely on loads of big rides designed to challenge those with a moderate aversion to unnecessary risk, who have vertigo or who are just trying to keep their lunch down.

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The Black Country Museum
The Black Country Museum is one of the finest living history museums in the Country.

The Museum is basically a purpose built industrial village, designed to take you back to the ‘heyday’ when the Black Country got it’s name.

The Black Country refers to the area of the West Midlands, west of Birmingham and includes the Metropolitan Boroughs of Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton .

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Bolsover Castle
Bolsover also boasts some magnificent C17th ruins of a stately home that in it's heyday must have rivalled the finest in the land and certainly hosted visits from royalty.

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Carsington Water
What Carsington lacks in multi 'G' rides it certainly makes up for by focusing on the fascinating theme of poo.

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City of Caves
The rumours have it that Nottingham is wriggled with caves. Deep cellars with bricked up access to passages that link, maze like, via dark, dank corridors, to every property over 150 years and even provided a secret escape route for the Duke of Wherever to get from the Castle to his plie at Wollaton Hall every time the local population saw fit to do a bit of roiting.

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For the Love of George

 An adaptation of the monologue that was a critical success at the Edinburgh Festival 2000. It follows the experience of a woman trapped in violent marriage and her relationship with George and biology.

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Wollaton Park
The Best park in Nottingham?

You decide.
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Full of history and of shops.

Loose yourself for a day in this Royal town and look out for the smallest house in Notts.
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Newark Air Museum
Into planes?

Newark Air Museum has loads of them.
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Clumber Park
Situated in the north of the county, Clumber Park is one of the best preserved of the old estate that make up the Dukeries. It is owed by the National Trust and is made up of heath land, parkland and wood covering over 3,000 acres.
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NGY NGY is in the centre of Nottingham and is designed for young people. There is plenty to do including a gym, activity area and an area to chill out. There are qualified staff and special events.
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 Recycle your ink cartridges and help Hothouse keep Oh My Nottz going!

All you have to do is:

register with Recycling 4 Charity

order the envelops

stick them in the post

Then the money will come flooding into Hothouse!

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Stonebridge City Farm
Needs your help!

 Stonebridge City Farm has been keeping children and their families entertained with it’s collection of farm animals since the late 1970’s.

Unfortunately the farm is desperate for money. So desperate that it is in danger of folding.

Help save the farm!

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Saturday morning at 9 a.m.

What else is there to do?

parkrun! What's your excuse?

Brierly Forest

Rebel Runners

parkrun UK

Hopkinson's Nottingham
A place to find the strangest clothes ...

... and lots of other stuff.
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If you are into animals, White Post Farm has got it all.

Except for "lions and tiger and bears, oh my!"
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There isn't a saying, "When you are tired of Wheelgate, you are tired of life ... "...

... but maybe there should be.
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Recycle and Help Keep Hothouse Projects Going!

Printer Ink Cartridges
Old Clothes

Hothouse Theatre can take them off your hands

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Arnold has loads of charity shops to loose yourself in looking for bargains.

It also has a leisure centre with one of the nicest theatre in the county in it.
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What could be better than watching people messing about on the river?

Taking photos of people messing about on the river while munching through a ploughman's or a portion of chips.
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Green's Windmill
One of the few working windmills left in the country.

As well as watching them milling the corn the have a sceince centre and it is all free
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Lenton Centre
A great place for a workout or for a dip in the pool ...

... if you live in Lenton that is.
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Victoria Embankment 2013 report
Spend some time down by the River Trent.
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Drayton Manor
Drayton Manor is the 4th largest theme park in the UK after Alton Towers Thorpe Park and Flamingo Land
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Justice Museum
The National Justice Museum (until recently it was called The Galleries of Justice) is housed in the old County Gaol which was still operational as a Police Station and court room till the mid 1980s.
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Twycross Zoo
Twycross Zoo is in Leicestershire. The Zoo has been operating since 1963 and has the largest collection of monkeys and apes in the western world.
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