Worksop Halloween Half Marathon 2017
Helping Larelle go to Tanzania

Fresh from his rather horrific performance in the Robin Hood Half Marathon, which must rank as one of the most spookily rubbish half marathon runs that anyone has actually done and still remained this side of the living dead, (he certainly looked like a zombie when he crossed the finish line) Guy is at it again.

Worksop Halloween Half Marathon

Support Larelle's trip to Tanzania

On the 29th October he is taking on the Worksop Halloween Half!!!!

Ha! Ha !! Ha!!! (laugh to sound like a cheap B actor in a cheap 1960's B Hammer Horror movie, the prints of which have now been lost, allowing it to rise to the dizzy heights of 'cult film' because no one still living actually remembers how bad it really was.)

Chilling though it sounds, being so close to the day when all the spectres walk, young Frankensteins can be found rooting around freshly filled graves and children frighten themselves half to death with tales of gore and ghouls and ectoplasmic gooh, the Worksop half is also goes by the rather less unnerving, spookifying and phantasmic name of "the scenic one".

13.1 mile through Clumber Park on a Autumn Sunday? Why not?

Clumber Park

Support Larelle's work with Raleigh International

It might be close to all hallows eve (sound of large door creaking followed by more cackling laughter from the same long forgotten Hammer Horror), but unless Guy is to seriously challenge his worst ever half marathon time from the other weekend, he will be safely tucked up in bed long before something eerie goes bump in the night.

Once again it is for a good cause.

This time it is to help Larelle raise money for his trip to Tanzania with Raleigh International.

Off to Tanzania

Larelle will be out there for 3 months helping with one of their projects, working along side local and other international volunteers.

He will be helping to run business training to help the local people improve the local economy and increase their income.

It will be the experience of a lifetime and will help to change the world, just a little, in the process.

Larelle's Just Giving page

But to do this he needs to raise £800.

Larelle's Just Giving page

He is going to do it by running a series of sponsored events, selling cakes (and he does make exceedingly good cakes), waxing his legs ... whatever it takes, he will do it.

Larelle's Just Giving page

Guy will be helping him by getting you to donate something to the cause while he crawls around Clumber park on 29thOct.

Please give generously.

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