an audio adaptation of the Brother’s Grimm version – by Hothouse Theatre

Cinderella, also going by the name of Ashputtle or The Glass Slipper, has many variants across the world.

It is believed to have originated from a Greek story, Rhodopis, which tells the tale of a slave girl who ends up marrying the King of Egypt. This story dates from around 2,000 years ago.

The version of Cinderella that Hothouse Theatre have adapted here is from the English translation of the story collected by Brothers Grimm and first published in 1812.

Although it carries the same name as the story that is the basis of modern pantomimes and various Disney versions, this story is a bit different, being somewhat darker.



by Hothouse Theatre

Charlotte Cordall
Duncan Gisby
Guy Jones
Gary Keane
Geoffery Mullen
Lytisha Tunbridge

Music: Duncan Gisby
Guy Jones

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The Bothers Grimm The Brother Grimm were brother living in Germany in the late C18th and early C19th.

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm collected folktales from around Europe which they published and in doing so, preserved them for posterity.

Many of the best know European folktales owe their survival to the Brothers Grimm, including; The Grog Prince, Red Ridding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and many more.

Brothers Grimm

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