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As well as doing a lot of other things, Hothouse Theatre has been producing fringe theatre in and around Nottingham for the past 25 years. Most of it, once performed, leaves little trace, beyond a wry smile or two when one of the actors or an audience member, has cause to remember a particularly witty witticism, or profound statement from a past performance.

However, during the pandemic, Hothouse, like many other theatre projects, went online. For us, this meant producing audio performances, which were recorded and then place on our Oh My Nottz website.

The main purpose of this page is to offer an easy way for you to revisit those gems.

Check out the links below.

A Christmas Carol
by Charles Dickens

Once again, HotHouse Theatre are doing a seasonal production of the timeless Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol.

This will be the second time we have done the piece as an audio project, to be released online just in time for Christmas.

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an audio adaptation of the Brother’s Grimm version – by Hothouse Theatre

The version of Cinderella that Hothouse Theatre have adapted here is from the English translation of the story collected by Brothers Grimm and first published in 1812.

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A Ghost Story for Christmas
The Signalman
by Charles Dickens

Hothouse Theatre’s audio version of possibly the best ghost story ever written.

A poor signalman on a solitary station, in a deep cutting by the mouth of a gloomy, dark tunnel with dripping wet, jagged walls, sees a figure by the Danger Light.

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Introducing Mr Charles Dickens
Stave 1 - The Early Years; Part 2 - The Schooling of Dickens

Many of his stories are still, 150 years after his death, well known and regularly turned into film, TV series or theatre productions. Like most writers, Dickens often used real incidents to help create the storylines and characters that filled the pages of his books.

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Introducing Mr Charles Dickens
Stave 1 - The Early Years; Part 1 - Born in a Caul

Charles Dickens is perhaps the most famous writer of fiction in history. In his day, he was also probably the most famous person in the world, with the possible exception of Queen Victoria or Napoleon Bonaparte.

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A Warning to the Curious
by M. R. James

Montague Rhodes James is He is best remembered for his ghost stories, which are still regarded as amongst the best ever written.

A Warning to the Curious was first published in 1925 and is one of his best known works.

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