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City Arts’ Bursaries for artists living in Nottingham
City Arts, Nottingham
Deadline 12th Jan

logo RESIDENCE supports artists who have faced barriers in their career relating to class, ethnicity or disability. City Arts is offering three bursaries of £1200 to marginalised artists living in Nottingham, working in any artform.

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Advanced tickets 19th Dec @ The Robin Hood, Sherwood, Nottingham

Advanced tickets 20th Dec @ Bakersfield Community Centre, Nottingham

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The Abolition of the British Slave Trade
Short History Of...

logo In the mid-17th Century, Britain dominated the Slave Trade, shipping over 3 million enslaved Africans across the Atlantic. Conditions on board slave ships were inhumane, and large numbers of enslaved men, women, and children died en-route. However, during the 18th and early 19th centuries, certain individuals started to speak up and demand an end to slavery. So who were these courageous pioneers, brave enough to challenge the status-quo? How did they fight the establishments? And what of the enslaved people who made their voices heard against all odds?

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The Science Behind Doctor Who
Science Cafe

logo Doctor Who is the longest running science-fiction television series in the world, and arguably the most popular. Filmed in Wales, it has everything from time travel, to regeneration, and a mysterious sonic screwdriver, but is Dr Who purely fictional, or might there be real science to consider?

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Buxton Festival Fringe
Take Part - Information for Entrants

logo We open for entries to 2024's event on December 1 2023. The information below and on subsequent pages is in the process of being amended but will be fully updated by the time we open for entries. In the meantime it may be used to offer a general guide. Looking for something in particular? Use Ctrl F to search for a key word or two..

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Nottingham’s Robin Hood Celebrates 30 Years
Meet the Man Behind the Bow
Visit Nottingham

robin hood Nottingham's iconic outlaw, Robin Hood, has been a beloved character for tourists and locals alike for many years. This year marks a special milestone, as actor and historian Ade Andrews celebrates 30 years of donning the famous green tights and feathered cap, embodying the legendary hero of Nottinghamshire.

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Israel and the Palestinians

logo Katya Adler and guests explain the history and context of the decades-long conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. In this episode we focus on life in the Palestinian territories of the Gaza strip and the West Bank and explore the history of how the state of Israel was created.

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Could you design our 2024 programme cover?
Buxton Festival
The deadline is January 8th

logo Buxton Festival Fringe is holding a competition open to professional and non-professional artists to design a piece of artwork for the cover of the Fringe's printed programme for 2024!

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Colouring in Britain
Introducing Colouring in Britain

poster Tomi Dixon asks how complete British History is and why do we only hear certain stories?

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The Gift
A Christmas Ghost Story by Guy Jones

On the top floor of an old Victorian house, that should be empty, there is a light on. A low light. A candle light.

And next to the light, just visible ... or was it my ... a figure ... and was it ... was she looking straight at me?

She? Yes, it was a girl.

All proceeds go toward HotHouse Theatre's Edinburgh Fund

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Village Halls Inspiration Awards
Deadline 17th Nov
Village Hall Podcast

poster This year in 2023, together with Allied Westminster – the home of VillageGuard, the UK’s most popular Village Hall insurance – we’ve launched THE VILLAGE HALLS INSPIRATION AWARDS. The Awards feature three prizes, with 3rd place receiving £1,000, 2nd place receiving £1,500 and our top award will be £2,500. That’s a total prize fund of £5,000 up for grabs!

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How Wealth Changes People
Paul Piff
Sustainable Human

logo For a moment, think about playing a game of Monopoly. Except this game's been rigged, and you've got the upper hand. You've got more money, more opportunities to move around the board, and more access to resources. How might that experience of being a privileged player in a rigged game change the way you think about yourself and regard that other player?

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Trustee vacancies
Nottingham Women’s Centre

logo Could you be one of our new Trustees? We’re looking to recruit new members of our Board including a Treasurer and a Secretary.

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Mountbatten Hospice Wing Walk 2024
Emily Jones

poster In 2024, I am taking to the skies and taking part in the first charity Wing Walk on the Isle of Wight in aid of the wonderful Mountbatten Hospice on the island who looked after my lovely Dad and our whole family in his final weeks. 5 years on I still remember the names of all the carers and nurses who showed us all such love and care.

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There Is More Than One Kind Of Intelligence
George Monbiot

logo This video is dedicated to anyone who thought they were not intelligent because their mind did not work the way that school wanted it to.

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The Punching Up Movie Podcast
Damian Asher and Adam Nightingale

logo Two old friends and movie lovers discuss established classics that they like and loathe.

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Request free help
for a community project in Nottingham

logo Know a local charity or community project in Nottingham which needs assistance with a physical task? There are hundreds of GoodGym volunteers ready to help.

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Heritage Buddies
a new partnership for NCVS with Historic England

logo The project aims to help people appreciate the value of their local heritage and the local historic environment, experience how it can positively benefit their health and wellbeing, widen the access to heritage organisations and activities they offer, support active participation in engaging with the historic environment and strengthen community cohesion and pride of place.

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Windrush: A Family Divided

logo Professor Robert Beckford and his Jamaican-born wife, Jennifer Beckford, argue the pros and cons of Windrush 75 years on.

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NCVS is currently recruiting
Deadline 14th Aug

logo Practice Development Unit (PDU) Events Coordinator

The role is initially for 12 months with a possible extension dependent on funding. Secondments and job shares will be considered.

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How the Windrush generation shaped British culture

logo It is 75 years since HMS Empire Windrush docked at Tilbury in Essex. Authors Colin Grant and Patrice Lawrence and publisher Sharmaine Lovegrove reflect on the cultural legacy of that moment and how it has shaped their work

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Community Conversations
Series 2
City Arts

poster A new podcast series will focus on the lives and work of Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent artists from Nottingham. Series 2 of the Community Conversations podcast will explore the barriers that disabled creatives face, as well as looking at how disability informs their artwork.

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Now available as an ebook!

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60 Years of The Beatles
Anniversary of The Beatles first official No.1 single

the beatles A collection of radio programmes to celebrate 60 years since the Beatles hit No. 1 for the first time.

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How Germs Made History by Jonathan Kennedy

logo Pathogenesis: How Germs Made History by Jonathan Kennedy explores how pathogens have been the protagonists in many of the most important social, political and economic transformations in history - the demise of the great empires of Antiquity, the transformations of Christianity and Islam from small sects in Palestine and the Hijaz to world religions, the devastation wrought by European colonialism in the Americas and Africa, and the creation of the modern welfare state.

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Frontlines of Journalism
1. Off Balance

logo In the spring of 2023, twenty years after the Americans, the British and their allies invaded to overthrow Saddam Hussein, BBC International Editor Jeremy Bowen was reporting from Iraq for the BBC. He described the invasion as 'a catastrophe'.

Taking you to some of the most difficult stories Jeremy and other journalists have covered; in this episode - why impartiality is not about trying to get perfect balance, the truth lying somewhere in the middle.  Often it does not.  

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How AI is making non-invasive mind reading a reality

logo For the first time, researchers have found a way to non-invasively translate a person’s thoughts into text. Using fMRI scans and an AI-based decoder trained on a precursor to ChatGPT, the system can reconstruct brain activity to interpret the gist of a story someone is listening to, watching or even just imagining telling.

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Hands of Time
by Rebecca Struthers
Episode 1

poster "A watchmaker’s world is not much bigger than a thumbnail.

I spend whole days working on mechanisms which can contain hundreds of tiny components. Each of them has a specific task to perform. Every morning when I sit at my bench, it is an adventure into a new timepiece with its own history to lose myself in. And in their history, we can find the history of time itself."

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Cotton Capital: Slavery
Episode 1: The bee and the ship – podcast
Maya Wolfe-Robinson
The Guardian

poster The first episode of the new Guardian podcast series Cotton Capital explores the revelations that the Guardian’s founding editor, John Edward Taylor, and at least nine of his 11 backers, had links to slavery, principally through the textile industry

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The Warsaw Ghetto: History as Survival
1. Oyneg Shabes

poster The extraordinary archive that secretly recorded daily Jewish existence in the Warsaw Ghetto – brought to life 80 years on from the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

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Matthew Henson, Arctic explorer and pioneer
Great Lives

logo Matthew Henson was working in a shop when he met naval officer Robert Peary. Peary was so impressed with Henson that he invited him to accompany him on his expeditions to Central America. The two men formed a strong bond and over the course of two decades made multiple trips further and further North in a bid to reach the Pole.

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Give as you live Shopping on line
Give While You Shop

Give as you live Raise free funds for Hothouse Theatre and Oh MyNottz by shopping online with Give as you Live, over 4200 retailers to choose from, shop & raise a donation at no cost to you!

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