Flotsam - debris not deliberately thrown overboard that is eventually washed up and deposited on the shore for the nosey wanderer to pick over and collect.

This is a collection of well written pieces that this nosey wanderer has scavenged from the high tide line of the internerd.

DIY Poets 47

logo A Nottingham based poetry collective. Produces DIY Poets magazine and regular poetry events.

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Black Leadership
Ravelle Sadé

Ravelle Sadé Back in November I got commissioned to write a poem for Nottingham Trent University’s Black Leadership Programme.

It was my absolute pleasure to share poetry with the young, black and gifted students who showed up in force to New Art Exchange

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March Of The Day
Manjit Sahota

Manjit Sahota This is my poem for Gary Lineker and tomorrow’s Demonstration in London. “ March Of The Day “ Refugees Welcome Here.

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Eat The Storms
Episode 14 Season 6

poster Eat the Storms is a Poetry Podcast for all poets, regardless of the stages of their career, to share their voices. This international podcast is hosted and produced by Irish poet Damien B. Donnelly.

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Oh My Nottz Spoken Word Listings
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We Give Blood
Leanne Moden

Leanne Moden Poet A poem about giving blood, inspired by the poem “When giving is all we have” by Alberto Rios.

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Journey's End
from In The Moment by Guy Jones

guy jones In The Moment is a collection of poems and short stories written by Guy Jones and performed in front of audiences in Nottingham, Leicester and Derby.

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28 Villanelles Later
Andy Bennett, Leanne Moden, Russell J Turner, Fay Roberts

people in straw This February four* intrepid poets set off on adventure into poetry territory. In 2023, they're tackling a brand-new form! Twenty-eight* days, twenty-eight* VILLANELLES. Let's go! (*sometimes more)

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Wolves Lit Fest Poetry Competition 2023
Poets, Prattlers and Pandemonialists

wolves lit logo Our judge Jane Commane has now selected the winning and shortlisted poems from this year’s Wolves Lit Fest poetry competition, and it’s time for us to share that news with you. Our thanks to everyone who submitted poems to this year’s competition – we received entries from across the West Midlands, all over the UK, and around the world. Wherever you are, we thank you for your support, and wish you all the very best of luck with your submissions and all your future writing.

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Leanne Moden

Leanne Moden iamb

Poetry Seen and heard.

Mark Antony Owen

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by Guy Jones

guy jones As well as being a member of DIY Poets Guy is the Writer In Residence for Hothouse Theatre, a community theatre and film project in Nottingham. He has written several fringe style plays and short films for Hothouse.

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Twenty Twenty Free
Ravelle Sadé

Ravelle Sadé I started to piece together a compilation
Filled with aesthetic memories
and highlighted occasions ...
I started reflecting on my productivity
in order to form a resolution,
As if this masterpiece is not worthy
if I am not constantly improving

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Land of the Grackle Squawks
by Laura Grevel
DIY Poets

Laura Grevel Definition: a grackle is a pest bird down in the lands of Texas. This is an original poem by Laura Grevel. Laura Grevel is a member of DIY Poets and has performed her poetry in Texas and throughout Europe.

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BBC 100 Collection
Celebrating 100 years of poetry on the BBC
ThePoetry Archive

poetry archive logo The BBC has long been a champion of poetry, and over the last 100 years has had a major influence in both its creative evolution and its national and global promotion. For the BBC’s centenary in 2022, we have created this brand new collection marking key moments in the story of poetry at the BBC.

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Personal poetry
by Manjit Sahota
from Poets Against Racism

Manjit Sahota Personal poetry
by Manjit Sahota
from Poets Against Racism

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Youtube Chanel
DIY Poets

diy poets DIY Poets Nottingham poetry collective has been in existence for over ten years. The aim of DIY Poets is to give budding poets the opportunity to perform their work in public and get their work published.

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Lewis Carroll
Listen to Poetry

listen to poetry We currently have ten poems by Lewis Carroll. You can listen to them all one after the other using the playlist below or if you prefer you can click the links further down to read a specific poem whilst listening to it.

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Clio of the Depths
by Fay Roberts

fay roberts This piece was written in October 2017, from an Allographic workshop about animal poetry with Robin Lamboll. Sea Angels are, essentially, marine snails that ditched their shells a long time ago to glide through the water with their "wings".

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Whiskey Relief
by Camille McCawley

@ Word Wise, Derby

word wise The third of the Bearded Badger Publishing & Books poets Camille Poet performing at Word Wise as part of the Derby Poetry Festival

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Davanté Dunkley

@Real Talk Derby

davante dunkley Davanté is a talented, motivated and passionate 23 year old actor and spoken word artist who also has many other talents including dance, music and sports.

Davanté was a student at Aston Performing Arts Academy, Birmingham School of Acting and Young Gifted Brum as well as working with G.A.P. Entertainment where he had both paid and unpaid speaking roles.

Through Performing Arts Davanté has performed at many well-known venues in Birmingham such as The Symphony Hall, The Drum, Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham Town Hall and many more.

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Ravelle Sadé

ravelle sade @realtalkspokenword Derby

This one is called Depth

Fun Fact: I take my words on stage for comfort👶🏾 because I rarely actually read them😅 ...Funny how the brain works, ayy

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Episode #189 Open Mic of the Air #11
Poetry Spoken Here

poetry spoken here The Open Mic of the Air is a project from Poetry Spoken Here that began just over two years ago. When in-person poetry events were suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Open Mic of the Air was created as a way for poets from around the world to connect and have a creative outlet. Now, over 100 poets have been featured and we look forward to many, many more!

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And Yet
Lytisha Tunbridge

Lytisha Tunbridge Lytisha Tunbridge performs her original poem And Yet at the DIY Poets February '22 Showcase. This poem was originally published by #visualverse at: https://visualverse.org/submissions/a... Thank you to City Arts (Nottingham) for hosting, recording & permission to use this clip.

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Ndukwe Onuoha

Ndukwe Onuoha - Genesis Genesis is a poem about beginnings and discovery, of acceptance and grounding. But most of all, it's a poem about dying to the past and rising to new possibilities.

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Say His Name
Jemima Hughes
From Unorthodox

Jemima Hughes Sit back and don't relax. A multi slam winner and runner up in the 2020 UK Slam! Jemima Hughes is a performance poet who will drag you through the “mindfield” of the unorthodox. Her work emphasises mental health awareness and covers taboo subjects such as sexual violence, mental illness and suicide.

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Random Trail Launch
Vron McIntyre et al
Big White Shed

random trail launch Vron McIntyre is a Nottingham-based queer disabled poet, an "adventurer without a plan" who has in former lives been an activist, a peace camper, a diy editor and publisher, and even had a proper job for a while.

Random Trail is a collection of poems touching on diverse themes including family, magic, science, nature, humour and randomness where you will encounter turnips, netball hoops, deep time, caves, architecture, hills and mohair.

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Spike Milligan
Great Lives

spike miligan Henry Normal reckons Spike Milligan changed his life, in particular with his 1973 poetry collection, Small Dreams of a Scorpion. Spike's other work - The Goons, the books about the war (Adolf Hitler: My Part in his Downfall and Rommel? Gunner Who?) these were important, but it was the poetry that really made Henry Normal think again.

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