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Welcome to our Theatreland page.

The aim is to let you know what's new in the world of plays, and performance in and around Nottz.

As well as telling you what's on and where, we will be hosting reviews, highlighting some of the more interesting things coming up and we will have links to any Theatreland gossip that we hear about.

We will rely on you to keep us informed so feel free to send us your notes on things you've seen, rehearsals you've enjoyed and feel free to push your show here as much as you like.

Just send us copy and we will put it up as soon a possible.

All's Well That Ends Well Auditions
Derby Shakespeare Theatre Company
20th, 25th Oct

Shakespeare's clever comedy of lies, deceit, love and sex!

Auditions for our up coming show, All's Well That Ends Well are on 18th and 20th October, with 25th October in reserve for call backs or those who can't make the week before. The show will be at Shakespeare House, 9th - 12th March 2022! come and along and get involved!

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A Day in the Death of Joe Egg
by Peter Nichols
Lace Market Theatre
Till - 23rd Oct

A classic modern comedy about a couple struggling to save their marriage while bringing up their little girl who suffers with cerebral palsy and is unable to communicate. You won’t know whether to laugh or cry

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The Hollow
The Company
20th - 23rd Oct

An unhappy game of romantic follow-the-leader explodes into murder one weekend at The Hollow, home of Sir Henry and Lucy Angkatell, arguably Christie’s finest comic grande dame. Dr. Cristow, the Harley Street lothario, is at the center of the trouble when, assembled in one place, we find his dull but devoted wife Gerda, his mistress and prominent sculptor Henrietta and his former lover and Hollywood film star Veronica. Also visiting are Edward and Midge whose romantic assertions are likewise thrown into the mix. As the list of romantic associations grow so does the list of potential suspects when Cristow is shot dead. Nearly everyone has a motive but only one of them did the deed.

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The Comedy of Errors
by William Shakespeare
Royal Shakespeare Company
Theatre Royal
Friday 22 October–Sunday 24 October

A father ends up in the wrong country on the wrong day as a government makes hasty proclamations about travel. A lonely son, while searching for his brother, loses himself. Across town a wife starts to realise her husband is not the man she thought he was (but rather likes it). Will anything ever be the same again?

Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors is a hilarious and touching tale of mistaken identity, double vision and family reunion, directed by comedy master, Phillip Breen.

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Lakeside Arts

23rd October,

Josephine Baker became an original 20th Century icon. Dancer, actor, activist, campaigner, spy and mother to the multicultural Rainbow Tribe, Josephine truly broke the mould. But almost 50 years after her death, Café Josephine, a down-at-heel New York diner dedicated to her memory faces closure.

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Double Life: Guy in VR

Old LIbrary, Mansfield

25th October,

Guy is gay. Guy is a gamer. And Guy is looking for love.

In this Virtual Reality companion piece to leo&hyde’s electronic musical GUY, you are invited to take part in a 40-minute VR theatre experience.

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A Raisin in the Sun

by Lorraine Hansberry
Curve Theatre, Leicester

26th October,

Join us this Black History Month for a rehearsed reading of Lorraine Hansberry’s landmark drama A Raisin in the Sun. This special performance will also be followed by BlackChat, an after-show discussion led by Curve Associate Company Serendipity with reflections on the role playwrights across the world have had in sharing stories of Black lived experiences.

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Exile, Magic & Power

Lakeside Arts

27th October,

Join world-leading storyteller Jan Blake for a tale like no other. Using the powerful story of Exile, Magic and Power – which is told by griots across West Africa but is rarely heard in the UK – about the legendary 13th Century Malian King Sundiata Keita as the bedrock for the piece, Jan and her team will work together to try out different ideas, technologies and ways of interacting with audiences to forge an exciting new path for Digital Storytelling.

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Treasure Island
The Kaleidoscope Players
The Duchess Theatre, Lomg Eaton
28th - 30th Oct

Treasure Island (originally titled The Sea Cook: A Story for Boys) is an adventure novel by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, narrating a tale of "buccaneers and buried gold".

Its influence has been popular on its perceptions of pirates, including such elements as treasure maps marked with an "X", schooners, the Black Spot, tropical islands, and one-legged seamen bearing parrots on their shoulders.

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The Haunted Hour
Hothouse Theatre
31st Oct

Hothouse Theatre will re-presenting their spooky triumph from the Bulwell Arts Festival earlier this year.

But instead of running the whole ‘hour’ in one go, they will be releasing each of the 6 stories, on the hour, from 7 p.m. on Sunday 31st October.

As well as the telling of some little known scary tales from the edge of Sherwood Forest, there will be a classic tale from the pen of M. R. James and one from that of none other than Charles Dickens.

If you can bear it, we would be more than happy to share the evening with you.

Links will be sent via facebook and Twitter so follow or like Hothouse Theatre on social media.

What Fools These Mortals Be!
Robin Hood Theatre Youth Group
Robin Hood Theatre
5th - 6th Nov

What Fools these Mortals Be, is a slightly irreverent celebration of some of the Bard's greatest plays. Featuring Will's Women and A Midsummer's Night Nap.

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Improv Nonsense
November MissImp
Nonsuch Studios
6th Nov

MissImp proudly presents a showcase of spur of the moment comedy and theatre. Each performance of Improv Nonsense showcases different local and national stars of Improvised Theatre.

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The Boadicea of Britannia Street
by Ade Morris
Radcliffe-on-Trent Drama Group
9th - 13th Nov

The play centres on Fran Lamb, a widow, cat-lover, poet and writer for the local paper who decides to start her own creative writing group in the local village hall. It attracts panicked PE teacher Penny (who hates children but finds herself pregnant after a brief affair with the Head of Maths), nervous housewife Annie (whose mysterious anxiety causes her to substitute the wrong words for the correct ones), and Janet, the delightfully shy, retiring and bespectacled librarian.

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Scott Bennett

The Space, Nottingham
11th Nov

Scott is a diagnosed stress head, he’s tried everything, but nothing seems to work. He’s trying his best to live with it, but that is proving to be a challenge. The only comfort is that he knows he’s not alone. We are all under pressure, life is manic, we seem to be in constant demand.

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Pink Mist
by Owen Sheers

The Lace Market Theatre
15th - 20th Nov

Three young soldiers from Bristol are deployed to Afghanistan. Shortly afterwards they return to their mother, wife, and girlfriend who share the pain of their trauma. This lyric play draws on interviews with soldiers and their families.

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Another Winter's Tale
Dogwood Productions

Burton Joyce & Bulcote Village Hall
16th Nov

Two characters, eternally on the run, but from whom or what?

Sheltering from the storm outside, they share the tales of distant times and faraway lands, awaiting...

Who are they, what’s their story? Friends, innocents, showmen, or something a little more intriguing?

Only time will tell…

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Cold Front
by Alan Robinson

Beeston Players
17th - 20th Nov

When Mike whisks Karen away to a remote cottage in the Scottish Highlands, he thinks he’s planned the perfect birthday surprise. But things soon sour when the cottage turns out to be nothing more than a rusty tin shack, and the friends Mike has invited are people Karen can’t stand. As tensions rise and temperatures plummet, they find themselves entombed in a blizzard, leading to frosty exchanges and those of a more amorous nature.

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The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband
Dukeries Theatre Group

Acorn Theatre, Worksop
18th - 20th Nov

Kenneth and Hilary have been married nearly twenty years, but as middle age approaches, Ken finds himself in the arms of another woman. At first, Laura appears to be everything that is missing from Ken’s life with Hilary - young, slim, attractive and a vibrant free spirit - but his little fling quickly becomes desperately out of hand.

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The Thrill of Love
by Amanda Whittington

West Bridgford Dramatic Society
22nd - 27th Nov

A divorcee with a young child to care for, Ruth Ellis works in the kind of night clubs where there is more than just a drink on offer. The girls work hard, play hard, and dream of a movie star life. Then she meets the wealthy womanising David, a racing driver with whom she becomes obsessed. Fame comes - but not in the way she imagines.

The Thrill of Love dramatises the true story of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in Britain, and takes a fresh look at the woman behind the headlines.

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The Hound of the Baskervilles
by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Lotte Wakeham’s acclaimed production.

Theatre Royal

24th - 27th Nov

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most celebrated adventure gets a brilliantly farcical overhaul in Lotte Wakeham’s acclaimed production.

World-renowned detective Sherlock Holmes and his colleague Dr Watson are asked to unravel the mystery surrounding the untimely death of Sir Charles Baskerville.

With rumours of a cursed giant hound loose on the moors, they must act fast in order to save the Baskerville family’s last remaining heir.

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