Crow and the Ever Coming Storm

The eyes of crow
in the cold after Yuletide sun
survey the storm's crooked line
left high on the sand
at tide's turn.

Crow is ancient.
A watcher of things.

Crow takes in the scene
at a glance.

The seaweed
whelk eggs
mermaid purses
still living
from the battered rocks
and dumped
amongst plastic bags
eroded sea glass.

A girl moves through the trail
of washed up things
looking for meaning
where there is none.

Sheltering from her own
coming storm
she picks her way
turning kelp to find
burnt out shells
broken crab legs
masonry from last cliff fall.

Everything reminds her.

The girl sees crow
perched on a sandy cliff
head on one side
like a question mark
dark on the page.

Their eyes meet.

She knows crow.

Crow has been in the tree
that shades granddad's window
casting it's eye
over the debris of a life lived.

Cups of half drunk water
barely eaten meals
packages of drugs
that ease the passing.

But Crow sees more
in the becalmed time
when moments come and go
and the clock by the bed

Crow sees the emptiness
of deeds undone
things unsaid
the would have beens
the could have beens
the should have beens.

And reflected in crow's cold eyes
she sees them too.

It's work done here
Crow calls out
and with an effortless hop
takes to the sky
soars around her once
then is gone.

by Guy Jones

All rights reserved.

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