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a collection of some of the daft, fun and moving things that people have placed on the internet as a way of coping with the current situation.

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The Signalman: Auditions

 Hothouse Theatre are looking for voice actors for a radio style production of this classic Dickens ghost story.

The auditions will take the form of a workshop around the script and will be done, like so much these days, via Zoom.

You don’t have to have acting experience. If you fancy having a go let us know. send us an email

Two Paintings of Insects and Small Flowers
Natural Gallery

Cabinets of curiosities, or Kunstkammern – the early ancestors of the modern museum – flourished in Renaissance Europe. These encyclopaedic collections of natural objects and artworks were regarded as a microcosm of the world, and Jan van Kessel’s detailed and lifelike representations of insects, flowers and plants conformed to this style of collection and display.

The artist’s paintings were highly sought after by collectors during his lifetime. His tiny still-life paintings were often produced as pairs; some originally formed part of a series of plates that could decorate the front of the small drawers of the cabinet in which a collector kept his specimens.

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Do you Love Me?
Boston Dynamics

Our whole crew got together to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year. Happy New Year from all of us at Boston Dynamics.

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The most detailed look inside the world's oldest dinosaur eggs
Natural History Museum

The world's oldest dinosaur eggs are helping us understand how baby dinosaurs grew.

New high-powered scans of an early dinosaur species' fossilised eggs are showing for the first time how the animals' teeth developed while still inside the egg.

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150 Miles For Accelerated Literacy

 What with Lockdown and the absence of any races to focus on, not only has Guy got out of the habit of running, he has also put on rather more weight than even he would have expected over the festival period.

Consequently he has decided to grab the nettle firmly, get off his butt and run 150 miles before Easter and in the process raise much needed funds for Hothouse Theatre’s Accelerated Literacy Project.

Accelerated Literacy

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Turner's Rain, Steam, and Speed
National Gallery

This is part of our 'Talks for All' series. Christina Bradstreet talks on J. M. W. Turner's 'Rain, Steam, and Speed - The Great Western Railway', painted in 1844.

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Amazing Marimba music
Music Traveler

Watch the phenomenal Hilton College Competition Marimba band perform "Drive". #marimba #hiltoncollege #competition #band #southafrica Credit: Hilton College South Africa Music

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Amazing Synchronism
Mayyas Dance Crew

Amazing Synchronism from Mayyas Dance Crew students of Lebanon-@mayyasofficial Choreography by Nadim Cherfan

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Shakespeare in lockdown

Upstart Crow So what if Shakespeare wrote King Lear in lockdown? I baked banana bread.

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A Memorable Christmas
Tales of a Space Age Kid
by Guy Jones

Christmas 1968 was exciting, and therefore by definition, memorable, because Apollo 8 was to lift off on 21st December and was going to the Moon. It is fair to say that Barny was not entirely sure what that meant. Terry told him that it was an important thing because no one had ever been to the moon before. Terry had pointed at the moon, which was at the time only a thin slither of light, and said, “That is where they are going and it is a long way.

“No, it is much further than going to Anglesey, cos it will take them 3 days to get there. Anglesey only took us 3 hours.”

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What is the nature of Christmas?

Nothing quite beats the festive season. While Christmas might look a little different this year, RSPB England’s Becca Smith takes a look at Christmas folklore and tradition in an attempt to answer: what is the nature of Christmas?

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Popcorn Previews Box Office Buzz - 2020 HOLIDAYS

POPCORN PREVIEWS BOX OFFICE BUZZ...looking this weekend at the steady stream of holiday hits heading for theatres from Christmas through July Fourth.

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Stonehenge Virtual Tour: Inside the Stones
English Heritage

Take an interactive tour of Stonehenge with our 360 degree view from inside the monument. Select the hotspots to find out more. Or switch to Skyscape and relax and enjoy a live view from within the stone circle.

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Explore the mineral specimens in the Hintze Hall display.
Natural History Museum

About the display The large-scale cabinets on the first-floor balcony of Hintze Hall showcase nature's diversity in four spectacular displays.

The specimens in this case represent the diversity of the mineral kingdom in form, colour and chemical composition. From right to left, the mineral species become more structurally and chemically complex. This complexity relates to their atomic structure.

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Bhangra brothers: We danced every day in lockdown

Brothers Vikram, 33, and Mrinal Seth, 31, ran free high-energy dance classes from their living room in Harrow, north London, every day during lockdown.

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Michael Che
Netflix Is A Joke

Michael Che: Matters came out in 2016, but these words feel as poingnant as ever.

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Short Film 2020
Yusuf Raja

Hi al! This is my first attempt at a short film. I will be making a follow up behind the scenes video in the next few weeks going into more detail about what happened. Until then, Enjoy!

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Reverse Racism

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Baby Otter Learns To Swim With A Family Of Dogs

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