The Village of the Scammed
a play for voices by the Brickyard Crew

part of the Accelerated Literacy Project

A mercifully short radio play brought to you from the depths of a pandemical lockdown by the daring and somewhat head strong, Brickyard Crew!

Dennis as Master Chunk Kinney – someone who is rich and stupid in equal measure and has a tremendous but ultimately unimportant craze for any thing involving chocolate.

Ashton as Psycho Pancake – an internet scammer out to make some easy dosh.

Zach as Al – The not so friendly computer assistant

And Dennis as Dane Myrtle – a private detective, always with an eager eye out for any wrong ‘uns.

Village of the Scammed

Episode 2

To be continued ...

Village of the Scammed

Episode 1

To be continued ...

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