Robin Hood - A New Yarn
a retelling of the traditional tale of the Prince of Thieves, by Hothouse Theatre’s Youth Group. Part of Hothouse Theatre’s Folktale Project.

We have been telling and retelling yarns about Robin Hood since before we felt the need to write them down ... and still we tell them.

A champion of the poor, robbing the rich and playing trick on those in authority.

Living off the poach venison, hiding in the ancient forest of Sherwood.

Played by Errol Flynn, Kevin Costna and Russell Crow, plus countless other.

We think we know everything about the finest archer in medieval England.

Well here is a new take on the legend from the Hothouse Theatre youth group.


Robin Hood - A New Yarn

An audio drama
by Hothouse Theatre’s youth project.

Devised by:
Ashton, Alfie, Ben, Dennis, Holly, Libbie, Luis and Sean.
Performed by Aston, Dennis, Luis, Paul and Guy

Music The Adventures of Robin Hood Theme

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