Hello to all you ‘socially distancing’ folk out there!

As you may have notice the world has gone little mad recently, with all this virus stuff.

The first thing to say is DON’T PANIC!

However, you do need to take the matter seriously. For most people, should they become infected, the most it is going to do is make them feel a little rubbish for a few days.

But remember, THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU!

It is about making sure that those who are more at risk, older people and people with serious health conditions, do not get the virus. It is also about making sure that the NHS does not get swamped.

The virus cannot move itself around. It needs people to do that. So the simple truth is the more you stay put, the more you avoid physical contact with others, the less likely it is that vulnerable people will catch the virus.

And that why we are being asked to engage in ‘social distancing.’ Don’t go round to visit people if you can avoid it. Don’t shake hands, wash your hands for at least 20 secs as often as you can and don't go on unnecessary journeys.

Here at Oh My Nottz we are going to try to help keep you sane during all of this. We are going to help publicise online events, pass on important information and dig up as much fun, amusing and amazing articles and information that we can.

You can help with this. If you find something you think would be cool to share, then send us the link and we will see what we can do.

We will also be giving you ideas of how you can help others at this time on need.

So, watch this space!

Stay safe!!

Wash your hands!!!

And be sparing with the toilet roll!!!!

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