What’s on This Month
in and around Nottz

international women's day Find out what is going on in and around Nottingham this month.

March is of course the month when winter finally does one and spring start aspringing, birdies start achirping, and the weather starts getting a bit less weathery ... at least that’s what we are all hoping.

The clocks will go back ... or is it forward? The pandemic will start to fade into a memory ... or will it just morph into a new variant? And the UN will find a way to bring peace in the Ukraine ... or is that just wishful thinking?

To help you get through whatever March has in store, we have What’s On micro-podcasts for theatre, writing and spoken word, and Other Stuff.

There are also links to our listings pages and to music venues, so you can find just about anything you’re interested in.

Our webpages will be updated regularly, so it is always worth having a drowse.

Nil illegitimo in desperandum carborundum.

Have fun putting your bum on their seats and stay safe.

Whats on by Cinema
Broadway Hockley, Nottingham
see whats on
QUAD Derby
see whats on
The Arc Cinema Beeston
see whats on

Savoy Lenton, Nottingham
see whats on

Odeon Mansfield
see whats on

Odeon Newark
see whats on
Savoy, Worksop
see whats on

Bonington Theatre
Arnold, Nottingham
See whats on

Cineworld Nottingham
see whats on

Showcase Nottingham
see whats on

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Whats on in Theatreland

What's on Podcast June 2022 - Theatre

News and what's on in Theatreland, in and around Nottz this month


Come As You Are

For more What's on in June stuff click here

For shows and details visit our Theatre page

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Writer's Block

Writer's Block What's on Podcast June 2022

Come As You Are

For shows and details visit our Writer's Block page

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Whats on by Music Venue

The Albert Hall
Nottingham click here
The Angel
Nottingham click here
Pelham street Nottingham click here
The Chameleon
Nottingham click here

The Diamond
Stoney Street Sutton-in-Ashfield click here

JT Soar
Nottingham click here

The Lion at Basford
Nottingham click here

Majestic Theatre
Retford click here

The Malt Cross
St James Street Nottingham click here

Mansfield Folk Club
Forest Town Arena, Clipstone Road West, Mansfield, click here

Nottingham click here

Motorpoint Arena
Nottingham click here

Peggy's Skylight
Nottingham click here
Rescue Rooms
Gold Smith Street, Nottingham click here

Rock City
Talbot Street Nottingham click here

Royal Concert Hall
Nottingham click here

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