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A limited and highly subjective collection of some of the books out there. Some are from Nottingham writers and some are not. There is no real logic to the selection other than we think you might find them interesting.

Every so often, we will add books to the list by posting them in the recommended section.

For a wider choice of books, follow the bookshop links on this page.

History Books

John Bryant

 bannister, chataway and Brasher The story of how Chataway, Brasher and Bannister combined to achieve what was possibly the most significant sporting achievement of the last century.

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Nottingham in the Great War
By Carol Lovejoy Edwards

The years 1914-1918 cost many lives in the trenches of France and Belgium. Those trenches and the battles that were fought from them are well documented. But back home in towns and cities up and down the United Kingdom death and desperation were also apparent.

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Soccer vs. the State: Tackling Football and Radical Politics
by Gabriel Kuhn

"THERE is a widely accepted idea that football emerged from working-class culture, went through a golden age as ‘the people’s game’ and then sold its soul to Sky, Adidas and Coca Cola. Soccer vs, the State, Gabriel Kuhn’s lively and painstaking examination of the sport’s hidden history and competing cultures, reveals a more complex narrative ..."

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Snippets from history
vol 1 Arnold and Mapperley
By Bob Massey

Bob Massey has been writing articles on the local history of the Arnold and Mapperley area for NG magazines for 10yrs. He has now published the first collection of 64 of these articles covering stories of people places and events from around the towns.

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Heroes & Villains of Nottingham
by Adam Nightingale

This fascinating collection of biographies chronicles the lives of some of Nottingham's most famous (and in some cases infamous) personalities. Inside these pages, you will find Civil War legends such as Colonel John Hutchinson, Naval adventurer Edward Fenton - who sailed with the pirate Martin Frobisher in search of the Northwest passage - and Victoria Cross winning air aces, as well as brave soldiers who fought against enemies as varied as the Zulus, the Spanish, the Confederates and the King.

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An Accidental Bookseller: A Personal Memoir of Foyles
by Bill Samuel

Bill Samuel has written (and self-published) an entertaining, old-fashioned memoir of the firm, his own rather adventurous life before joining the family business and his successful attempt to rebuild the finances and reputation of Foyles, both of which had been destroyed by his aunt Christina Foyle.

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Histories of the Unexpected
by Sam Willis and James Daybell

In these pages, you will find out how the history of the beard is connected to the Crimean War; how the history of paperclips is all about the Stasi; how the history of cats is all about the French Revolution. And who knew that Heinrich Himmler, Tutankhamun and the history of needlework are linked to napalm and Victorian orphans?

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Curious King’s Cross
by Andrew Whitehead

Sex, pubs and rock'n'roll – King's Cross has it all, and so much more ... from a fish-and-chip shop once bugged by MI5 to London's most enduring radical bookshop.

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Dispatches from the Diaspora
From Nelson Mandela to Black Lives Matter
Younge, Gary

cover A powerful collection of journalism on race, racism and black life and death from one of the nation’s leading political voices.

For the last three decades Gary Younge has had a ringside seat during the biggest events and with the most significant personalities to impact the black diaspora: accompanying Nelson Mandela on his first election campaign, joining revellers on the southside of Chicago during Obama’s victory, entering New Orleans days after hurricane Katrina or interviewing Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Maya Angelou and Stormzy.

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